Peaks Auto J&K

Peaks Auto J&K

Peaks Auto J&K

Peaks Auto J&K


Dealership Achievements


*Fastest 400 Retail Achievement Award


 *Fastest 1000 Retail Achievement Award

                   (Q-1, 2009-2010)

 *Highest Target Achievement Award

(Q-1, 2009-2010)

 *Best Showroom Award  (Maruti Suzuki Dealers meet Bangkok 2009)

 *Best Marketing Initiative and True Value (2009-2010)

 *Gypsy Champion award

  *Highest Retail of Gypsy in North 2 Region 2010-2011

  *Highest Retail in single month (2010-2011)

 *Most Innovative product launch award (Maruti Suzuki Dealers conference 6-7 May 2010-2011)

 *Highest True Value Ratio Award 2010-2011

 *Highest Retail of 700 Vehicles in March 2011

 *Highest Growth in overall Retails in Category 1 for FY 2011-2012

 *Highest Finance Penetration PSB J&K FY 2011-2012

 *highest contribution of petrol Vehicles to overall results J&K FY 2011-2012

 *Highest Growth in Alto F8 (Retails) in Category 1 for FY 2011-2012

 *highest contribution of petrol vehicles to overall retails J&K FY 2011-2012

  *Best ART Award (Non JD Power) FY 2011-2012.









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